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Six weeks go we welcomed darling little Heidi into our world.. Needless to say, we are absolutely mesmerised with her every move, squeak, burp, fart, cry and poo (which is under constant discussion & critique)


Whilst I thought we had a reasonable idea of how having a baby would impact our lives. I now realise I had no idea... it's kinda like jumping onto a non-stop rollercoaster, whilst juggling 6 balls & singing three blind mice.. 24hrs.. 7days..


At the same time it's a whole lotta fun, with something new & exciting happening at every turn.. She has changed so much already and it's truly a very precious time that we are cherishing. Heidi has very quickly climbed to number 1 on our family ladder, and rightly so.. we couldn't be happier.. (well, maybe a little extra sleep would be nice.. or maybe an un-interrupted glass of wine with dinner.. but no we couldn't be happier.. haha)

So, one or two of those balls on the rollercoaster belong to Seagrass, which is now busier than ever as we enter our second year in the Kingsway, Launceston. Our ethical fashion ranges have seen the biggest growth this year with new prints & fabrics being introduced constantly. Along with new stores selling our label in Melbourne & Brisbane, we are also selling more products online everyday.. So a huge THANKS to everyone who has purchased one of our products & helped us to grow. Looking forward ,we have SO MUCH planned for the year ahead.. here's a little glimpse of what's on the cards..

We want Heidi to share in the fun of our fashion, so we have just released a new range of unisex toddler overalls in sizes 0-2yrs. We have 2 super cute prints available in Rainbows or Summer Fruits. Heidi has already started earning her keep, working as our baby model. She hasn't yet learnt to smile, so we're not entirely sure if she's happy to be a 6 week old model, but I'm sure time will tell.. haha. We decided to go for the unisex style as we're not big fans of the 'girls wear pink' & 'boys wear blue' labelling. Colour is for everybody & kids should be able to choose what colours they like, rather than being told from the moment they're born.. arhh don't get me started.. boys like trucks, girls like dolls, boys play football, girls play netball, boys like dirt, girls like flowers... 

Moving on, we have also been busy working on a new range of fun & colourful men's shorts & jackets, which are in production right now. This is a project we've been working on for a while, as it seems guys are often left out when it comes to fun ethical fashion so more guys stuff is definitely on the way very soon!


Our latest spring 2017 Women's range is also set to be released over the coming weeks. Included in this range will be some new (BFF) breastfeeding friendly dress options, with buttons down the front so breast feeding Mums can still look fabulous whilst they feed their little babes. We also wanted the dresses to be comfortable & stylish for women who want a dress they can still wear when they've finished breastfeeding, or for women who aren't breastfeeding but prefer the button front style.


So lots of exciting things going on behind the scenes here at Seagrass.. but for now it's time for more cuddles with our darling baby girl xxx

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    Mila (Sunday, 17 September 2017 21:02)

    I love this!
    Great post!

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    Kaye (Tuesday, 19 September 2017 03:57)

    Besotted parents! Love the new baby cute.

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