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Seagrass Design is committed to sourcing the best quality ethical & sustainable fabrics. Our clothing collections are made using natural & renewable fibers such as Tencel, Linen & Cotton that are printed in Australia, India, Thailand and Korea. In our swimwear ranges we use the highest quality recycled polyester fabrics. All fabrics are certified with Standard 100 OEKO-TEX & GOTS to ensure our fabrics meet the highest standards for quality & ethical production.


We choose to print digitally as it is much more environmentally friendly, by using very low water & power consumption, along with significantly less ink to further reduce wastage.


Our garments are largely 'Made on Order' which allows us to cut each garment with careful consideration to pattern placement, whilst also making sure we are using every thread of fabric as sustainably as possible. It also means we are making on demand so we are able to make more of the most popular styles and sizes as your orders come through and avoid any fabric wastage. We live by a strict reduce, reuse & recycle policy & always aim for zero waste by using all fabric remnants to create smaller products ie: hats, bags & accessories.


Whatever tiny pieces we are unable to use ourselves we donate to a local quilting group who turn the smallest remnants into all sorts of amazing patchwork creations including quilts, jackets, cushions and bags.. We have even seen our remnants turned into rugs and fabric beads. We are truly amazed and delighted to see every tiny scrap being used so magnificently.


As an Independent Australian Brand we design & make all our products in Tasmania to create a fair & ethical work environment. We are hands on with every aspect of production to ensure consistently high quality products are always produced.


In order to keep our prices affordable we do not wholesale our products. So you can feel comfortable knowing you are always getting the best price available & your money is going to support ethically & sustainably designed & made products.


We operate our shop/studio from home where we have installed a large solar array to further reduce our carbon footprint for a more sustainable business & lifestyle.


Every Seagrass Design garment is designed & handmade in Tasmania with thoughtfully considered ethical and sustainable production.

Our Tencel & Linen fabrics are sourced & printed in India & Thailand with Standard 100 OEKO-TEX certifications.

Tencel is a gorgeously soft & luxurious fabric that not only feels amazing to wear, it's also one of the most sustainable fabrics available.

It's crush resistant, breathable, doesn't shrink, retains colour vibrancy & is biodegradable.

Tencel fabrics are made by environmentally responsible processes from the sustainably sourced natural raw material wood, & is produced using recyclable, earth-friendly solvents.

Linen is sustainably made from natural flax fibers. It's an extremely strong & hard wearing fabric that has a soft & luxurious feel on the skin, & continues to soften the more it's worn.

Thanks to the weave and natural linen fibers this fabric has wonderful breathability in warm weather. The natural fibers are also great at holding dye colors, which make it a perfect choice for our bold & bright prints.


Our Recycled Polyester Lycra (RPL)is made using the finest quality post-consumer recycled/upcycled/eco-friendly produced fabrics available.


Coupled with water-based printing process our printers are at the forefront of providing the highest quality prints without any of the nasty garment dye runoff chemicals leaching into our waterways.


All our RPL swimwear fabrics are sourced and printed in Queensland, Australia with Standard 100 OEKO-TEX and Global Recycled Standard Certifications.

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