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Behind the scenes with Seagrass Design

We started this blog to give you a sneak peek behind the scenes of our independent Australian fashion label. Each fortnight we'll be sharing info with you on new and upcoming collections. How we are making things and why? The fabrics we're using, the struggles, the cheers and everything in-between.

Let me begin by introducing myself. My name is Jamie and I'm the artist who designs all the beautiful prints. As a small business owner. I also have countless other roles on a daily basis including marketing, socials, website design and maintenance, packing orders and most importantly customer happiness officer. I take great pride and care in making sure your experience with Seagrass Design is an enjoyable one. Firstly, because we want you to love the clothes you wear. Secondly, cos we want to keep coming back and wearing more Seagrass. And finally, we want you telling everyone you see all about how much you love us, and the clothes we make!

My partner in life, love and fashion is Kimberley who collates all the cute cuts & styles of each collection we create. Kimberley also has a million other jobs on the daily, but most importantly overseeing every aspect of production with a very hands on role to ensuring we're getting the very best quality fabrics, the fits are both comfortable and stylish, and our ethical and sustainable values are always adhered to.

All our clothes are made right here in Tasmania by our small team of amazingly talented local dressmakers who are quite happy to stay behind the scenes at the moment. But, we'll do our best to make further introductions along the way. We highly value each and every dressmaker / patternmaker we work with, and they all have an enormous amount of experience, expertise & their own unique & individual fashion stories to tell.

As well as running our independent fashion label we pursue a sustainable lifestyle in a very picturesque part of Tasmania with a young family, a vegetable garden, a dog, and a constant search for fun times and new adventures.

One of the biggest reasons we started this blog is to get your input on what you want to see & hear more about. Which styles you like to wear, colours you're loving right now, your favourite print styles, and your go to fabrics? You tell us your secrets, and we'll tell you ours.

We have so much going on behind the scenes right now, with spring swimwear in production, new menswear ready to drop in time for fathers day, new prints in creation, new styles, and price adjustments to name a few.

So please let us know what you want to see featured in our first blog?

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