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Menswear can be fun & colourful too!

Whilst Seagrass Design is most well known for making women's clothing we have been creating menswear in very small batches for myself, and friends & family for many years. I honestly don't feel myself without a little burst of fun and colour in my outfit.

So, the question is... Are we the only ones who want to have more fun with what they wear? Or, is there a gap in the market that forgot to add fun into mens fashion?

Well, it's time to find out.. Our first ever complete menswear collection is here. These shirts are designed with a comfortable relaxed fit style & flattering shape, so that they can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

Over the past few years I've been acting as the crash test dummy for this collection. I've worn these shirts to weddings, parties, picnics, beach days, lunch dates and casual catch ups receiving countless compliments on every occasion. Truth is, the first shirt we made was for a friends wedding, and after searching high and low for something with a bit of fun style to it I decided I needed to make my own. And so, the ball began to roll..

Not quite ready to dive right into the world of fun shirts?

Why not dip your toes in with our casual shorts and board shorts options. Again these are really versatile with a relaxed fit elastic waist and tapered leg so they're super comfy and feel good to wear. Both styles of shorts have a little bit of stretch for that extra flexibility in sizing and added comfort. The board shorts are made using a beautiful ocean microfibre, made from recycled plastic waste so they don't just look and feel good, you also know they're doing good for the planet.

How is the menswear made?

Each garment in the latest menswear collection will be made on order so that production can be as ethical and sustainable as possible. Essentially it's all made on demand resulting in zero wastage. Making in this way also allows us to customise an item as required by adding a little length if you're on the taller end of the scale, or reducing the length if you're a little shorter. At the end of the day we want you to love the clothes you wear and have them looking great on you.

So where to next in menswear?

We have big plans for menswear with long sleeve shirts and full length pants at top of the list for next winter. But right now, we're also looking at some simple changes to our rash vests to make them more of a unisex style, & allow guys the opportunity to look great and stay sun smart over the warmer months.

If there's something specific you would love to see us making, please hit us up. We are always happy to get your feedback?

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