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Your guide to buying Seagrass Swimwear

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Spring is just around the corner and we're getting excited at the thought of dropping some layers to enjoy more fun times in the sunshine. So let's dive into all things Seagrass Swimwear to help you choose the perfect style & size for your beach bod.

Seagrass is heading into it's 3rd season of Swimwear. During this time we've been able to make some minor alterations to adjust & develop our bikini patterns for the best fit. We've also been busy designing new styles to provide more options for different body shapes.

Towards the end of last summer we released our one piece swimsuits which provide extra coverage & support with adjustable cross over back straps to cater for both wide or narrow shoulders.

This spring we are bringing more exciting new styles and options with the addition of removable cups in our new season bikini tops. We're also launching super cute swim shorty bottoms, and yes, you asked for it... BOARD SHORTS!! Our new season swimwear collection lands this Friday 25th Aug at 5pm.

So let's launch into our top 5 tips for choosing your new season Seagrass swimwear.

Tip #1 - How to choose your size.

When selecting your size with the bikini / crop tops and bottoms the absolute most important measurement to check is your underbust and high waist measurements. There is plenty of coverage and stretch in the lycra so you don't need to worry about your cup size so much. But, it's vital to get those other measurements fitting firmly. If you are in-between sizes we always recommend downsizing.

In the one pieces the most important measurement to check is your hips against our body size chart, and again downsize if in-between.

Tip #2 - Deciding the way you want to wear your rashie.

Our rashvests are designed to be a loose casual layer for sun protection whilst swimming & relaxing in the sun. If you are intending to wear your rashie for more active summer fun like surfing or snorkeling you will want a tighter fit, so for this type of use we suggest downsizing from the measurements on our body size chart. I can assure you there is plenty of stretch in the fabric and whilst I wear like to wear the size 12 for a relaxed fit, I comfortably fit into a size 8 with a tighter fit.

"Wow. I am so happy with my purchase. It arrived on a cold winters day and I felt summertime vibes straight away. It fits well. The Rash Vest is vibrant in colour and the cut very flattering for those with curves and it made me feel happy and confident as soon as I put it on. The sleeve length was perfect for me. I ordered size 20 and there was room for me to go down to an 18 if I wanted a closer fit."
– Jo (Seagrass Review)

Tip #3 - To cup or not to cup?

By popular demand we have introduced removable cups to our new season Kelp Forest bikini tops. This will give you the option to either buy the top with or without the cups. So if you already have compatible cups you can re-use those, or if you prefer your top without cups just select the no cup option. We chose to make our cups removable for sustainability reasons to avoid excess wastage and give you more options. The cups we use are designed for modesty rather than a padding.

Tip #4 - Which bottoms to choose?

Everyone is different in the way they like to wear their swimwear, so this one really comes down to personal choice. All our swimwear is designed to give you plenty of coverage in all the places you need it. Whichever option you choose we got your bums & tums covered. Our new season swim shorts & boardy options provide you with extra versatility to wear them to and from the beach comfortably and confidently. Whilst our shorty bottoms are also fully lined & have double thick waistband for extra support. The shorties can be worn for all your swimming & activewear adventures (+ no need for undies underneath)

Tip #5 - Go for it!!!

This is the big one.. don't hold back. If you haven't worn bikinis in years, or have been stuck in the same black cossie for as long as you can remember, it's time to jump back in and have some fun. We have seriously had so many customers contact us to tell us this exact thing, & explain how happy they are to have taken the plunge. The coverage our swimsuits offer will have you feeling comfortable and confident, and getting all the compliments you can handle. You only live once and there's no time for regrets... Have more fun with what you wear today!!

"Hello! Just wanted to say I received my order today and my bathers are so flipping great and fit perfectly! Sooooo flattering!! I’ve been such a bore and worn black bathers for the last 20 years thinking they ‘hide’ all the bits I’m self conscious about but now I’ve discovered your beautiful bathers and they have proved me so wrong! Thank you! Can’t wait to book in a swimming date 😄 Cheers! 🥂."
– Meg (Seagrass Review)

We've discussed the styles & sizes, so just one last thing.. the choice to wear sustainable swim fabrics.

The first and most important thing we selected before we started making swimwear was the fabric. It had to be super soft and comfy, but also exceptionally hard wearing and have excellent sun protection, plus be SPF and Chlorine resistant.. but the number 1 priority was ensuring it was sustainably made using the highest quality certified recycled polyester lycra. We are super proud of the swimwear we make and the fabric we use. It really does make the world of difference what you wear, how it was made & it's impact on the environment in which it's worn.

Finally, go have some FUN in the SUN 🩱🌊🌞

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